Mangement of Student Records

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    Parents and Eligible Student’s Rights Relevant to Students Records

    It is the desire of the Patrick County Public Schools System that every student’s parent, have a clear understanding of the content of his/her child’s record, how the
    record is being handled, and parental and student rights with regard to the record.

    The content of the student record is limited to data needed by the school to assist the student in his/her personal, social, educational, and vocational development and in his/her post-high school placement. The following information will be maintained as a part of the education record at the school where the child attends in the Patrick County Schools System.

    Name and address of student and parent or guardian;
    Date of birth;
    Scholastic work completed and level of achievement (grades, grade point average, standardized achievement test scores);
    Attendance data;
    Special aptitudes and interests including scores on standardized group ability, aptitude, and interest instruments;
    School and community activities and work experience (employment evaluations for students in cooperative vocational programs);
    Record of employment counseling and placement;
    Health and physical fitness data, including immunization record, preschool physical examination report, and school physical examination report;
    Program of studies plan;
    Type of diploma;
    Results of Standards of Learning Testing Program;
    Social Security number (unless waiver is granted) or school student number;
    Social history;
    Legal, psychological, and medical reports;
    Records of sensitive mental or physical problems;
    Verified reports of serious or recurrent behavior patterns;
    Required reports of evaluation for special education placement, to include educational, physiological, psychological, and sociological assessments;
    Reports from juvenile court, social welfare and other agencies;
    Case studies;
    Vocational assessment data;
    Individualized Education Program and report of annual review of placement;
    Permission form for testing, placement, and release of information;
    Confidential interviews and/or recommendations;
    Records of referral;
    Summary of minutes of eligibility findings for special education students;
    Report of appeals

    The principal of the school the child attends and/or those professional personnel he/she designates are responsible for the collection of information; the recording, maintenance, and security of data; and access and control of dissemination of information from the records based upon Patrick County School Board policy. There is a periodic evaluation of the records by professional personnel and data no longer pertinent is removed.

    When a request for access to records is made, the granting of such a request is made immediately, if practical, but in any case no more than five administrative days after the date of the request.

    Information from the student’s education record may be disclosed to the following individuals:

    Professional personnel within the school, local educational agency, and the State Department of Education who have a professionally justified reason for such access and legitimate educational interests in the student.
    The student who is the subject of the record who is under the age of 18, provided written consent of the parent or legal guardian has been obtained.
    Upon request to an official of a school or post-secondary institution in which the student intends to enroll.
    The parents or legal guardian of the student, until the student becomes 18 years of age, is an emancipated minor, or is attending an institution of post-secondary education.
    Adult clerical personnel charged with the responsibility of record maintenance.
    Appropriate persons in connection with a student’s application for financial aid (cumulative record data only).
    An employee or official of the state or local health department shall have access to the preschool physical examination report, the immunization record, and the school entrance health examination form.

    An authorized representative of the Comptroller General of the United States; the Secretary of the Department of Education; the local division superintendent; and state educational authorities needing information in connection with the audit and evaluation of state and federally supported programs or the enforcement of federal legal requirements related to such programs.

    Access and/or release of data to other persons or agencies will be allowed only as prescribed by federal and state law or by parental permission, and in all cases, a record of such access will be maintained as part of the student’s file showing the signature of each person who has had access to the record, the date of access, his/her specific legitimate interest in seeking such access, and the signature of the principal or his/her designee. This form will be available to the parents, the student, and school officials responsible for record maintenance.

    The school may charge a fee for copies of the scholastic record(s) of 25 cents per copy. No fee is charged for a copy of the Individualized Education Program nor is a fee charged for search and retrieval.

    Parents or their appointed representative(s) have the right to an explanation and/or interpretation of their student’s scholastic record by an appropriate representative of the school division. Parents or their appointed representative(s) have the right to inspect, review, and/or copy, or be provided copies of, the contents of their child’s record in an expeditious manner. They have the right to ensure that the records are not inaccurate, misleading, or otherwise in violation of the privacy or other rights of the child. In addition, the parent or eligible student has the right to a hearing to provide an opportunity for the correction or deletion of information found to be inaccurate, misleading, or inappropriate and to file with the United States Department of Education a complaint concerning an alleged failure by the school board to comply with Title 20, United States Code, Section 1232g.

    The Patrick County School Board has elected to release, as a matter of conducting the routine business of the school, certain information classified as Directory Information. The following items are classified as Directory Information:

    Name of student in attendance or no longer in attendance;
    Telephone listing;
    Date and place of birth;
    Participation in officially recognized activities and sports;
    Weight and height of member of athletic team;
    Dates of attendance;
    Awards and honors received;
    Information generally found in school yearbook.

    Parents of any enrolled student are requested to notify the school in writing by October 5th if parents do not wish to have any part of or all information classified as Directory Information concerning their child or the student (if 18 years of age or older) released without their prior written consent.

    Section 9528 of the ESEA (20 U.S.C. 7908) as amended by the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001 (P.L. 107-110). The education bill, and 10 U.S.C. 503, as amended by Section 544, the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2002 (P.L. 107- 107), the legislation that provides funding for the Nation’s armed forces require local education agencies receiving federal assistance to provide military recruiters, upon request, with three directory information categories – names, addresses, and telephone listings – unless parents have advised the school principal that they do not want the student’s information disclosed without their prior written consent.

    A copy of the Patrick County School Board’s policy on the management of student records may be obtained upon request at the School Board Office Building.

    The data in the individual student’s official school record and the legal and ethical maintenance and use of such data is a matter of concern to the school board. The Patrick County Public Schools System has a responsibility to protect the rights and privacy of the student and his/her parents and will adhere strictly to legal statues designed to safeguard information in every child’s record. Rights outlined in these guidelines are transferred from the parents to a student who is 18 years old or an emancipated minor under State law.

    Any questions should be directed to the office of the school principal of the school the child attends. Listed are the school addresses and telephone numbers:

    Patrick County High School
    215 Cougar Lane
    Stuart, VA 24171
    (276) 694-7137

    Blue Ridge Elementary School
    P. O. Box 30
    Ararat, VA 24053
    (276) 251-5271

    Woolwine Elementary
    9993 Woolwine Hwy.
    Woolwine, VA 24185
    (276) 930-2811

    Hardin Reynolds Memorial School
    P. O. Box 130
    Critz, VA 24082
    (276) 694-3631

    Meadows of Dan Elementary
    P. O. Box 829
    Meadows of Dan, VA 24120
    (276) 952-2424

    Patrick Springs Primary
    75 Elementary Lane
    Patrick Springs, VA 24133
    (276) 694-3396

    Stuart Elementary
    314 Staples Avenue
    Stuart, VA 24171
    (276) 694-7139
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